Two Chocolates

Belgian White&Milk Chocolate Cream

( White biscuit with cocoa syrup, white and Belgian milk chocolate cream. )

Black Forest

White Cream with Cherries and Chocolate

( Black Biscuit, Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Pastry Cream, Cherries, Belgian Black Chocolate. )


Black Belgian Chocolate with Walnuts

( Black biscuit, chocolate cream with cream and walnuts. )

Choco Cherry

Cherry Cake with White Butter Cream

( Black and white biscuit, butter cream with cream and cherry jelly. )


Condensed Milk Cream with Chocolate Drops

( Black biscuit, cream-brule, milk chocolate granules. )


Chocolate Cake with Coconut

( Black biscuit, cream chocolate,chocolate barley,milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts. moistened with Amaretto. )