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Delivery Methods
In our online shop you can select a delivery type:

1) Store Pick-up:Take it from the shop by yourself - FREE of charge.
2) Home/ Office Delivery:Get the cake delivered at yourdoorstep throughout Tbilisi:
• Standard cake (cakes we sell in our shops) - 5 GEL.
• Exclusive Cakes (Kids’/Wedding/Celebration) - 7 GEL.

Delivery Service Times
Standard Cakes will be delivered within 2-3 hours from the minute you place the order.

Orders on standard cake deliveries are accepted daily, from 11:00AM until 18:00.
If you wish to get the cake after several hours/days,provide us with this information while ordering.

Exclusive (Kids’/Wedding/Celebration) cakes delivery at your doorstep - in 12:00-15:00 or 15:01-18:00 time intervals.

*Please, keep in mind- we recommend ordering exclusive cakes at least 4 days in advance before your
special day, otherwise we might not be able to find an available spot for your order due to our tight
schedule. To find out about our flexibility to receive your order on short notice, please call us: ✆595
043154 or ✆514 288 288.

Online payment
Use safe and secure payment system in our online store.